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tokyobike gallery

My Tokyo - Sarah Murphy & Stefaan du Pont from Miles & Miles

With backgrounds in textile and interface design, Sarah and Stefaan worked and lived in New York City until 2012 when they left their jobs to travel the world for a year. Their company, Miles & Miles started as a modest collection of curated work from each destination and gradually evolved into a brand that has created content for the likes of UNIQLO, Condé Nast Traveler, American Express, and GAP. 

These two images, from a trip with tokyobike to Japan this Spring, depict tranquil moments in the midst of Hanami, a country-wide tradition that attracts thousands of residents and tourists to celebrate the cherry blossoms.

From 13 July 2022 at tokyobike New York

Previously at the tokyobike New York Gallery

Eye Spy - Hannah Warren

Hannah is an illustrator and graduate from The Royal College of Art who lives and works in London. Commercially she has worked for a range of clients—from publishing to advertising and editorial. Her work is full of colorful characters and she always tries to include a bike or two.

“Eye Spy” are two works inspired by her first trip to New York in May this year. Using bold, contrasting colors, she has depicted two scenes taken from one of her sketchbooks. She enjoys recording human relationships out in the wild and these were two quieter moments in the bustling city, and in these two, we spy our beloved tokyobikes.


My Tokyo - Douglas Diaz

Intended to celebrate Tokyo through the talented eyes of close friends, Douglas Diaz is the second artist in our ‘My Tokyo’ exhibition series. This diptych, taken at the same intersections just moments apart reveal the stratification of urban living that all too easily entrapped us. The clouds beyond beckon a dream like freedom to roam aimlessly.

Douglas is an artist and occasional photographer, currently living in the mountainside of Nara Prefecture. His work is poised between the personal and the universal, the literal and the subliminal, in hopes of awakening the human condition within all of us. See more work by Douglas below, on his two Instagram accounts, @d2.art and @d2.photo, or his Website.

My Tokyo - Curtis Christophersen

Curtis Christophersen was the inaugural photographer in our ‘My Tokyo’ exhibition series. In this diptych, Curtis intimately captures the energy and choreography of the Awa Odori dancers as they move through the streets of Tokyo accompanied by the shamisen lute, taiko drums, shinobue flute and kane bell wearing traditional obon dance costumes.

Curtis is a Creative Director and Photographer that has been living in Tokyo for 13 years and has been documenting a very personal portrait of life in our home city. See more work by Curtis below and on his Instagram and Website