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About Postalco

A true Tokyobike favorite, Postalco products can be found in many of our dedicated shops around the globe. Built around the same functional simplicity and craft that we thrive to achieve, the Postalco brand never sacrifices quality and always surprises and delights through considered design details. Founded in Brooklyn, and after a lengthy stint in Kyobashi, the brand has now settled into their permanent design office and shop in the Shibuya neighborhood of Tokyo.

"In 2000 Mike Abelson, who was a designer of bags in New York, noticed that his wife Yuri, a graphic designer, was having difficulty carting around A4 size papers. He created an envelope-shaped case for her, with a button closure, and cloth and leather he happened to have on hand. That modest beginning led to the founding of Postalco. Postalco’s products are created to be used by anyone – male or female, young or old, people from all walks of life worldwide. What sets Postalco’s designs apart are their supreme utility and ineffable warmth blended with the beauty of understatement." - Postalco

Postalco - Notebook Red

Postalco - Notebook

Postalco - Jogging Wallet Black

Postalco - Jogging Wallet

Postalco - Legal Envelope Signal Red

Postalco - Legal Envelope
Signal Red

Postalco - Notebook Yellow

Postalco - Notebook

Postalco - Travel Wallet Navy Blue

Postalco - Travel Wallet
Navy Blue

Postalco - Legal Envelope Black

Postalco - Legal Envelope

Postalco - Notebook Light Blue

Postalco - Notebook
Light Blue

Postalco - Travel Wallet Black

Postalco - Travel Wallet

Postalco - Notebook Dark Blue

Postalco - Notebook
Dark Blue

Postalco - Legal Envelope Brick Red

Postalco - Legal Envelope
Brick Red