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Hailing from the Danish capital of Copenhagen, where rainy days are no stranger, RAINS set out to create a product that sees inclement weather in a new light.  Through a perfect combination of function, style and simplicity, they did exactly that.  From waterproof outerwear that can be easily packed for those sudden downpours, to a variety of bags that keep your belongings safe and dry, RAINS has brought a fresh, modern take to traditional wet weather gear, offering the chance to see a rainy day as beautiful and inspiring.

Rains - Shift Bag, Moon
$106.25 ($125)

Rains - Field Bag, Black
From $93.50 (From $110)

Rains - B15 Jacket, Scarlet
From $132 (From $220)

Rains - Jacket, Dark Teal
From $70 (From $115)

Rains - Backpack, Smoke
From $80.75 (From $95)

Rains - Field Bag, Smoke
From $93.50 (From $110)

Rains - B15 Jacket, Dark Teal
From $132 (From $220)

Rains - Long Jacket, Smoke
From $80 (From $130)

Rains - Backpack, Black
From $80.75 (From $95)

Rains - Zip Bag, Dark Teal
From $60 (From $105)

Rains - Jacket, Moon
From $70 (From $115)

Rains - Long Jacket, Dark Teal
From $80 (From $130)

Rains - Zip Bag, Black
From $84 (From $105)

Rains - Jacket, Scarlet
From $70 (From $115)